room 215

Room 215 has a small box(thermostat) on the wall that is hissing.student using the room reported it


Does anyone mind if we don't have the login to this blog?  I would like to add it to my RSS feeds, and can't because of the login.  I'm quite frankly not going to remember to check it daily without some kind of visual nudge, and the RSS feed would do that. 


Wall Street Journal

Serials has informed me that we are no longer going to be getting the paper reversion of the Wall Street Journal. We subscribe to it online and that will be our only source.

canon copier

I put in a repair call for the canon copier in the back.The top tray says "load paper" and the tray is full.The guy came and looked iat it and said he needed to order a new part.Please direct your copies to another tray if you use this copier.

Couper Classroom Blower

I put in a work order a couple of weeks ago to have the blower in the couper classroom diverted away from the screen.  If anyone sees anyone from Physical Plant working on it, please let me know so I can make sure it's what we're looking for.


Xerox Copier

Hi all,

Some of you may have noticed that the Xerox copier has been out of order multiple times in the past week.  Paul, our regular Xerox repairman, suspects that the copier motor is failing and that it is the main culprit when the copier jams.  Unfortunately, he also mentioned that getting a replacement motor may be impossible because the copier is pretty outdated at this point.  Paul cleaned up the gears and greased them yesterday, and that does seem to improve the Xerox copier's improvement in the short term.  In any case, the Xerox copier is slated to be replaced with a Minolta copier - like the ones for public use - sometime in March.  We have no idea *when* this happens; we only know that March is the magic month.

In the meantime, if the Xerox machine jams while you're using it, let Circ know and we'll call in the repair.  We're hoping to make it last as is until the replacement copier arrives.  If it's out of order and you need to use a machine that will be kinder to book bindings, Circ can set you up with a card for the public copiers.

~ Katrina


Wecome to the Library Public Services Blog!  You should all be set up to use the blog, but please let me know if you can't access it for posts, comments, or viewing.  I had to set all of you up to access it, so if it's not working, it may be a typo.  Let's start using the blog to discuss issues, raise questions, suggest changes, etc.  I'm happy to demo the blog at meetings in the next couple of weeks. 


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